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I am lucky enough to have been born into a family were practising yoga has been part of my life from being a child. One of my first memories of meditation is sitting at age 6 chanting Om, & Om Sri Sai Ram at Bhalvikas, or sitting with my granddad (who I called Bapujee) and other members of the community at our local Mandir (temple) taking part Kirtan and other Bhakti Yoga practices. Bapujee also taught us many asana including headstands and also things such as acupressure, pranayam/breathwork. I believe that yoga is much much more than just poses, we reach into our hearts not just for our toes.

My training with some amazing teachers from all over the world has given me a wide understanding of the various styles of yoga, I teach from my heart, I believe that everybody is different, this reflects on our practice, our individual essence or the Sanskrit word Svarupa, embrace our true self and we can shine.


People ask me about Meditation, I have been brought up to understand that Yoga & Meditation are one of the same thing, this is reflected in my practice.

Independent Yoga Network 200 Teacher

  • 100 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa India

  • 100 hour Yin Yoga 100 Hours YTT

  • 100 hour Meditation Teacher Training, Rishikesh India

  • Sound Healing Teacher Training, Haritha Yogashala Rishikesh

  • Soma Prana Vinyasa - The Art Of Regeneration 35YTT

  • Embodying Love - Sensual Health for Women

  • Children Yoga & Mindfulness 50Hours YTT + CPD 8-12 year olds Yoga​

  • Embodying Love - Sensual Health for Women with Shiva Rea
  • Dr Yoga- yoga anatomy
  •  Numerus workshops and courses



I am also a fully qualified Health Care Professional Council, registered Art Psychotherapist, I studied for my Masters in Sheffield, at the same time practicing Yoga, and evolving into a teacher myself.





































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